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The elaborate performance review module consisting of answer analysis and progress report, is a very useful feature of this programme that will precisely guide you in identifying your area of improvement.
Mathematics in Engineering:
Professional courses impart knowledge and sharpen your skills to prepare for practical applications in different fields. During this phase it is absolutely essential to get your fundamentals right.





Analytical Geometry


Numerical Analysis


Students of 2021 Exams

Rs 4000/-


Students of 2022 Exams

Rs 8000/-

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Engineering subjects use mathematics extensively. Excellent knowledge in mathematics is a must for a successful career in any engineering field. The best way to study mathematics is to practice it. Once practiced well mathematics will be an easy subject or else it will a nightmare.

"It is not that I am So smart; It is that I stay with problems longer" - Albert Einstein

No more waiting . Get online and start practicing right away to improve your confidence level to face the engineering entrance exam. Our programme is one of the most simple and effective available today.  Since it is a scientifically designed training module , we insist that you should use this with utmost seriousness. Prepare in advance before attempting each test.

Feature Matrix

Hours of Practice/ Validity  -  300

Detailed answers for review  - Yes

Instant paper valuation - Yes

Progress report for analysis - Yes

Multiple chapter question paper - Yes

View detailed performance history - Yes

View detailed performance history - Yes

Multiple chapter question paper - Yes

Progress report for analysis - Yes

Instant paper valuation - Yes

Detailed answers for review  - Yes

Support for clearing doubts - Yes

Hours of Practice/ Validity  -  600

The structured learning of this programme enables you to assess ,review, get feedback and improve. This systematic approach brings in a lot of discipline to your study and the best results.  So get it now and boost charge your efforts for a wonderful engineering career.
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